Controlling display of infrared image of vehicle surroundings


A device for improving the visibility from a motor vehicle comprises an infrared (IR) radiation source 2, irradiating the surroundings of the car or automobile, an infrared camera 3, an image display 4 and controller 1. Control unit 1 switches off or deactivates the display after expiry of a predefined time period in the 30 seconds to one minute time range. The display may be switched off suddenly; or the display is gradually faded by a progressively decreasing the brightness or contrast, or increasing displayed noise. The IR camera and radiation source can also be switched off after a further predetermined time period. Manual display switching can be provided via a steering wheel switch. The vehicle driver may be warned that the display is to be switched off via a displayed signal - for example, showing remaining display time. The display may also be switched off according to a maximum velocity threshold.




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