Automatisierte Zuordnung von voice-over-IP Geräten zu VLAN

Automated voice over IP device VLAN-association Setup

Association automatisée d'appareils voix-sur-IP à VLAN


A system and method are disclosed for automatically registering various system attributes with a VoIP device such as an VoIP phone (102). The system attributes are provided by a network (110), preferably an adjacent switching device (108) made aware of the system attributes through one of a number of learning mechanisms. The system attributes may include one or more of the following: the VLAN identification used for VoIP communications in the subnet in which the VoIP phone (102) is connected; the switching device (108) identification, switching device slot, and switching device port number to which the VoIP phone (102) is connected. The switch, slot, and port are used in some embodiments by an IP PBX system (104) to construct a relational database (106) that associates the geographic location of the connection with the IP phone (102) for purposes of reporting the physical location of the VoIP user to emergency response personnel. The system and method for automatically registering various system attributes enables the relational database (106) to be updated prompt and accurate.




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