Drehrohr mit Wälzkörperanordnung

Tambour rotatif avec corps de roulement

Rotary drum with rolling body arrangement


A rotary drum (10) for carrying out chemical processes at elevated temperatures, e.g., carbonization processes, comprises a) a rolling body arrangement (12) for cleaning the interior of the drum, b) a stationary feed end (14) for the material to be treated, c) a mounting device (16) for the rolling body arrangement (12) on the feed end (14) of the rotary drum (10), and d) a rotary bearing (18) that allows the rolling body (12A) to roll on the inner side of the rotary drum wall (10C) and connects the rolling body (12A) to the mounting device (16). A better cleaning result is achieved by use of an oblong scraping device (20) which is arranged between the mounting device (16) and said rotary bearing (18), wherein said scraping device (20) is mounted on the mounting device (16) such that it is able to carry out a pendulum motion in at least one direction, but unable to turn about itself, or such that it is able to carry out a pendulum fashion motion, but unable to turn about itself, and wherein the end of the scraping device on the side of said rotary bearing is connected to said rotary bearing (18) in such a way that it is able to carry out a pendulum motion in at least one direction (coordinate).




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