Verfahren zur Herstellung von Vinylchloritpolymer

Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer

Procédé de production de poylmère de chlorure de vinyl


A process for producing a vinyl chloride polymer, including the steps of (a) subjecting a vinyl chloride monomer alone or a monomer mixture containing a vinyl chloride, to suspension polymerization in water; (b) subjecting the resultant vinyl chloride polymer slurry to stripping to remove an unreacted monomer remaining therein; and (c) dehydrating the polymer slurry having been subjected to stripping. In the polymerization step (a), the ratio of water/monomer is set in a weight ratio of from 0.80 to 1.50, and the viscosity at 20°C of the polymer slurry to be fed to the stripping step is previously kept adjusted to 0.30 Pa·s or lower. In the stripping step (c), the residual unreacted monomer in the polymer slurry can efficiently be removed using steam in a smaller quantity, thus the vinyl chloride polymer can be produced at a high productivity.




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