Heat exchanger evaporator


Echangeur de chaleur-évaporateur


A multi-pass evaporator (10) of a heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air-conditioning system includes a plurality of heat exchanger tubes (12a-t) coupled to first and second header tubes (30,32) disposed side by side. The first header tube contains a blocking member (52) and an inlet tube (48) extending from an inlet end (38) of the first header tube (30) to the blocking member (52). The blocking member (52) includes an aperture (53) which receives the bell-shaped end (54) of the inlet tube (48). A plurality of tangs (72a-c) are provided on the blocking member (52) which are deformable onto the open end (54) of the inlet tube (48) so as to secure the inlet tube (48) to the blocking member (52). The inlet tube (48) is then brazed to the tangs (72a-c). This design of the end of the inlet tube has been found to reduce considerably noise produced during use of the evaporator.




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