Steuerungsschaltung für ein Zeigerinstrument in einem Armaturenbrett

Control circuit for a pointer instrument in a dashboard

Circuit de commande pour une aiguille de cadran indicateur dans un tableau de bord


An instrument panel gauge for a vehicle is described which comprises a pointer (146), a motor (144) for moving the pointer, a data acquisition circuit (140) for periodically receiving data signals representing the desired position of the pointer on an analogue scale, and a control circuit (142) for electronically controlling the motor to simulate an analogue gauge. The control circuit (142) estimates time of arrival of the next data signal, and sets the speed of the motor (144) following receipt of a data signal to a value that will cause the pointer (146) to move a predetermined fraction of the difference between its current position and its desired position in a time equal to the estimated time of arrival of the next data signal.




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