Vorbehandlung von katalysatorschlamm und kontinuierliche von monozyklischem aromatischem kohlenwasserstoff mit vorbehandeltem katalysatorschlamm.

Pretreatment of catalyst slurry and continuous partial hydrogenation of monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon with pretreated catalyst slurry.

Procede de pre-traitement de boues catalytiques et hydrogenation partielle en continu d'hydrocarbures aromatiques monocycliques au moyen de la boue catalytique pre-traitee.


A process for pretreating a ruthenium catalyst slurry for use in the continuous partial hydrogenation of monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, which comprises thermally treating the slurry at 60 to 180 DEG C for at least 10 min under stirring. The use of the pretreated catalyst slurry serves to produce a partial hydrogenation product efficiently without causing much contamination of an oily phase containing the product with the constituents of the catalyst slurry and reduce the necessity for the operation and apparatus required for separation.




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