Dispositifs de fixation pour éléments de construction, par exemple pour pièces extrudées

Fastening means for constructional elements such as extrusions

Befestigungsmittel für Konstruktionselemente, wie zum Beispiel stranggepreste Teile

  • Inventors: EGE, EUGEN
  • Assignees: Eugen Ege
  • Publication Date: November 29, 1989
  • Publication Number: EP-0343942-A2


Channel extrusions (10, 12) are joined by fasteners having spaced apart formations joined by a shank; the first formation (14) may be turned by a tool such as a an Allen key and the second formation (18) is of parallelogram shape and turns inside the channel after being inserted into it for the angled sides to abut the walls of the channel, rotation of the first formation causing the parallelogram to be tightened in this position. Frames comprising the extrusions joined in this manner are used for supporting sitting surfaces for a fold-up stand.




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