Method and apparatus of high speed machining

Procédé et dispositif pour un usinage rapide permettant d'enlever des copeaux

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Spanabhebung bei hoher Geschwindigkeit


A method and apparatus for machining a workpiece with an insert in which a main conduit, such as a pipe, transmits a high velocity stream of water toward a discharge orifice formed in the main conduit. A branch conduit, connected to a source of liquid carbon dioxide, is connected to the main conduit upstream from its discharge orifice and introduces the liquid carbon dioxide into the main conduit for combination with the high velocity stream of water. The pressure within the main conduit is less than that required to maintain the carbon dioxide in liquid phase which causes the liquid carbon dioxide to vaporize and convert the water stream into a high velocity stream including low temperature particles of ice. The ice particles are ejected from the discharge orifice of the main conduit toward the insert where they are converted to a vapor which impacts the workpiece to shear material therefrom in minute particles.




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