Efficient high-precision tenon forming device



The invention relates to an efficient high-precision tenon forming device. The efficient high-precision tenon forming device comprises a tenon forming clamp body and a platen, a T-type groove is formed in the surface of the platen, a sliding guide rod is arranged at the bottom of the tenon forming clamp body, and the tenon forming clamp body is connected into the T-type groove in a sliding mode through the sliding guide rod. The tenon forming clamp body comprises a base body, a backing plate assembly, a measuring assembly, a fine tuning assembly and a clamping assembly, the bottom of the backing plate assembly and the base body are connected to one side of the base body through a linear guide rail and are used for placing timber to be tenoned, the clamping assembly is installed at the top of the backing plate assembly and used for clamping the timber to be tenoned, and the fine tuning assembly and the measuring assembly are distributed at the other side of the base body and used for adjusting the timber to be tenoned in the tenoning process. The distance between the timber and a tool can be adjusted fast and accurately, and a bench saw is used for cutting.




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