Method for regulating and controlling transmittance of chrysotile nano-fiber films by gap filling



The invention relates to a chrysotile nano-fiber film, in particular to a method for regulating and controlling transmittance of chrysotile nano-fiber films by gap filling. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, respectively soaking a plurality of chrysotile nano-fiber films in liquid solidifiable resins with different refractive indexes; after air in gaps of all the chrysotile nano-fiber films is discharged completely and the gaps are fully filled with the resin, taking out the chrysotile nano-fiber films; then removing residual resins on the surfaces of the chrysotile nano-fiber films; and finally solidifying to obtain the chrysotile nano-fiber films with different transmittances. The solidifiable resins with relatively high refractive indexes replace the air in the chrysotile nano-fiber films, namely, the resins with the different refractive indexes are used for filling the gaps among the chrysotile nano-fiber films, so that the Rayleigh scattering effect of an interface to visible light is reduced inordinately, and the purpose of improving, regulating and controlling the transmittance of the chrysotile nano-fiber films is achieved.




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