Method for accurate numerically-controlled drilling on large-curvature arc surface



The invention relates to a method for accurate numerically-controlled drilling on a large-curvature arc surface, and belongs to the technical field of numerically-controlled machining. The method comprises the following steps: selecting a numerically-controlled machine tool meeting machining requirements; clamping; installing a centre drill; running a numerical control program; manually controlling a feed depth h and a feed speed f, and drilling into a part with a depth of 2-3mm away from a contact point of the curved surface at a constant speed; reinstalling a drill bit for machining a primary hole according to a diameter ratio of 80% and the final dimensions of a hole diameter; setting a fixed feed step length L, and setting a circulating lifting height H and a lifting surface; running the numerical control program, and manually controlling the feed speed f to ensure that the hole positions of a setting point of the drill bit and a contact point of the centre drill are the same; drilling the primary hole; reinstalling a drill bit for makeup machining; running the numerical control program, and drilling a final hole in a makeup manner. With the adoption of the method disclosed by the invention, the conditions of drill bit setting point play, part scratches, drill bit in-hole breakage, drilling direction deflection and the like occurring in the drilling process can be effectively avoided, the machining efficiency is high, and the accuracy meets standard requirements.




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