Non-wood type paper pulp



The invention provides non-wood type paper pulp, which is a cellulose product prepared through three-element separation of a herbaceous plant material. The cellulose product has the properties that the concentration of total weight cellulose based on the cellulose product is 25-30 percent; a K value is below 5.5; a beating degree is 20-30 degrees SR; the wet weight is 2-3.5g; the whiteness is below 44.5 degrees; the pH value is 7-9; the cellulose content based on total solid weight is 90-97 percent. Compared with products of the same kind, the non-wood type paper pulp has higher cellulose content; prepared paper has more superior appearance features. Moreover, no chemical agent is added and bleaching treatment can be omitted when the non-wood type paper pulp is used for making paper, so that residues are avoided, and the non-wood type paper pulp is harmless to human body during use.




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