Vehicle safety monitoring system based on internet of vehicles



The invention discloses a vehicle safety monitoring system based on the internet of vehicles. The vehicle safety monitoring system is characterized by comprising a panorama camera, a temperature sensor, a vibration sensor and a life detection instrument which are arranged on a vehicle and connected with a vehicle body controller, and the vehicle body controller is connected with a wireless communication unit; the wireless communication unit transmits the information of all monitoring terminals to a server arranged on a vehicle manufacturer through a wireless network, and the server communicates with a mobile phone terminal of a user to monitor and control the vehicle. According to the vehicle safety monitoring system based on the internet of the vehicles, the structure is adopted, an existing safety system is integrated, positive wakeup can be conducted when outside invasion of the vehicle occurs or safety hazards in the vehicle exist, corresponding reminding or positive risk avoiding is made actively according to the magnitude of the danger coefficient, and a vehicle owner is reminded through the mobile network; and the vehicle owner can take onsite video or pictures and receive remote control operation of the vehicle.




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