Compressor bore casting method



The invention relates to a compressor bore casting method.The compressor bore casting method includes: A, designing a compressor as well as a shape and a structure of a compressor bore, and designing an outer through hole at the corner or turning position of the bore; B, making a die of iron, wherein the die is integrally formed once; C, making a sand core of the bore of chromite sand; D, arranging a rebar in the sand core; E, applying zircon powder coating on the outer portion of the sand core; F, casting in the die and stripping; G, extracting the rebar from a compressor, inspecting whether adhered sand and adhered iron exist or not via the outer through hole, and cleaning.The compressor bore casting method has the advantages that since casting processing substitutes for original solid processing, processing cost is reduced effectively directly, processing time is shortened, production efficiency is improved, and slender bend bores can be designed three-dimensionally optionally according to needs to be beneficial to increase of oil supply or water supply pressure, decrease of compressor design size and improvement on compressor performance.




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