Complex three-dimensional-structure micro-channel machining method



The invention discloses a complex three-dimensional-structure micro-channel machining method. By taking metal particles as a catalyst, according to a three-dimensional micro-channel structure needed to be formed, orientation and rotation speed of a machined part are changed through an external mechanical force, so that a contact position and a motion direction of the metal particle catalyst and the machined part are controlled; the machined part is etched under the action of a mixed solution of hydrofluoric acid and an oxidizing agent, so that the needed complex three-dimensional-structure micro-channel is machined. The complex three-dimensional-structure micro-channel machining method avoids the conventional thought, smartly and simply implements the manufacturing of the three-dimensional-structure micro-channel by depending on the external mechanical force with low costs, and is suitable for any regular complex three-dimensional-structure micro-channels; additionally, the method can be suitable for micro-fluidic chips, biological chips and microelectronic devices, can be applied to large-batch production and has a larger promotion space.




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