Adjustable soil conveyer for precise sowing machine



The invention belongs to the technical field of design and manufacture of agriculture machines, and particularly relates to an adjustable soil conveyer for a precise sowing machine.The adjustable soil conveyer comprises a soil conveying cylinder connected through a transmission rotating shaft.The soil conveying cylinder is sequentially at least provided with a drive wheel, an edge ring, a first adjusting ring, a third adjusting ring, a soil conveying ring and a fourth adjusting ring from left to right.A soil leakage belt is arranged between the first adjusting ring and the third adjusting ring.An adjusting ring locking mechanism is arranged in the soil conveying cylinder.The diameters of the edge ring and the soil conveying ring are smaller than those of the drive wheel, the first adjusting ring, the third adjusting ring and the fourth adjusting ring.A plurality of drive teeth are arranged on the drive wheel.The surfaces of the first adjusting ring, the third adjusting ring and the fourth adjusting ring are provided with adjusting ring position moving grooves and locking screws matched with the moving grooves.A soil leakage hole is formed in the surface of the soil conveying ring.The adjustable soil conveyer can adapt to sowing at different soil states, the use efficiency of the sowing machine is greatly improved, and labor efficiency is improved.




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