Sliding device


  • Inventors: WANG GUOAN
  • Assignees: 王国安
  • Publication Date: June 01, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105617660-A


The invention relates to a sliding device which comprises a sliding way and at least one sliding trolley matched with the sliding way for usage.The sliding way comprises two sliding grooves and at least one support cross beam for connecting the two sliding grooves.The two sliding grooves are parallelly formed and are opposite in opening direction.Each sliding groove is divided into a start section and a stop section in the length direction of the sliding groove.A braking plate is arranged on the stop section.Each sliding trolley comprises a trolley body, two groups of wheels and a friction plate located between the two groups of wheels.The wheels and the friction plate are both arranged at the bottom of the trolley body.The wheels are located in the sliding grooves and move in the length directions of the sliding grooves.When the sliding trolleys move to the stop sections, the bottom surfaces of the friction plates are in contact with the upper surfaces of the braking plates.The sliding device has the advantages of having lower in natural field requirements, being quick, simple and convenient to install, adjustable in length, safe and reliable in operation and capable of saving labor, achieving speed reduction and stop within a short time and the like.




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