Method for reducing laser drilling surface splashes



The invention provides a method for reducing laser drilling surface splashes. The method includes the following steps that 1, a test sample is polished, and then the test sample is ultrasonically cleaned and dried for standby application; 2, the upper surface of the test sample is evenly coated with an organic coating which is a mixture of paraffin and stearic acid; 3, a millisecond pulse Nd:YAG laser is used for carrying out laser drilling on the processed test sample; and 4, the surface organic coating is removed, and the effect is observed. According to the method, the material of the organic coating is melted at a certain temperature and can flow to places not covered with the coating in the drilling process, and therefore a processed face can be effectively protected against oxidation, and the whole drilling process is well protected. The material of the adopted coating is cheap and easy to obtain, and good economic benefits are achieved. Through the adopted coating material, coating is convenient, adopted equipment is simple, the coating is easy to remove after drilling without complex aftertreatment, and operation is quite convenient.




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