Frequency hopping spreading code phase tracking method suitable for narrowband interference



The invention discloses a frequency hopping spreading code phase tracking method suitable for narrowband interference. The method comprises the following steps: generating a local frequency hopping code word and a local spreading code word; de-hopping received frequency hopping spreading signals; performing low-pass filtering and draw-off on the de-hopped signals to obtain data with a reduced rate; carrying out digital automatic gain control on the data with the reduced rate to obtain data with basically constant amplitude; performing rotation amount control, i.e., controlling the rotation amount of phase rotation; performing the phase rotation on the data with the basically constant amplitude; performing de-spreading on the data after the phase rotation; accumulating the data after the de-spreading, and finding an accumulative mode maximum value and a corresponding phase rotation amount; and performing phase adjustment amount accumulation, i.e., accumulating all phase adjustment amounts, and performing division on an accumulation result and a clock period of a local reference clock to obtain a quotient and a remainder value, for performing overall reference clock period adjustment on a local frequency hopping spreading code phase and performing adjustment within one reference clock period on the local frequency hopping spreading code phase according to the remainder value.




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